Dr Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic is a modern and technologically advanced dental clinic, with more than two decades of existence. The clinic is all-equipped with cutting edge equipment, managed by an advanced team of dentists and technicians, who have treated more than 2,000 patients till date. We deliver painless and a satisfying experience, irrespective of dental problems. We have got you covered, and assure you of the best treatment for your dental problems.

General Dentistry

This service category includes scaling, polishing, filling, root canal treatment, dental extractions, minor gum corrections, dentures and fixing of teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This is an aesthetic service, which has a confidence uplifting quality around it. Cosmetic dentistry helps in improving the appearance of your smile, and along with it, your self-esteem. Aesthetic dentistry procedures include tooth bonding, tooth-coloured restoration, fillings, porcelain veneers, dental bridges, and crowns.

Implant Dentistry

This is an advanced dental implant, in which the artificial teeth are fixed inside the jaw line, with a foundation of titanium. There are two types of implant dentistry or placement, immediate and planned. In immediate implant dentistry, we deliver the teeth within 72 hours, depending on bone quality and health parameters of the patient. Planned implant dentistry is research-based, and there are fewer chances of flare-ups.

Gum Treatment/Surgery

We offer a host of services under gum treatment. They are flap surgery, crown lengthening procedure, gum depigmentation, guided bone regeneration, pocket reduction surgery, mucogingival surgery, frenectomy, and gingivectomy.

Dental Extraction

This treatment involves the removal of tooth from the dental alveolus, located in the alveolar bone. We suggest this option for tooth that has become unrestorable and when there is a persistent pain.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatments involve the fixation of fixed or removable structures within the oral cavity. Fixed structures include braces and fixed space maintainers.

Removable structures include aligners, removable space maintainers, jaw repositioning appliances, palatal expanders, lip and cheek bumpers, and head gear.

Root Canal Treatment

It is one of the most widely offered oral care treatments, aimed at repairing and saving badly damaged or infected tooth, instead of removing it. Some of the indications which call for root canal treatment are dead pulp within the canal, cavity extending to the pulp, pain and sensitivity while eating, and cracked tooth. We suggest crown placement after root canal treatment, to give structure to the tooth.

Minor Dental Surgery

Minor oral surgeries include normal extraction of teeth, removal of root stumps, removal of wisdom teeth, apicectomy, mucocele removal, alveoloplasty, and periodontal surgery.

Light Cure Filling

The main purpose of this treatment is to cure composite fillings used to fill cavities, or broken teeth.

Fixed Teeth With Dental Implants

These are permanent tooth replacement options, used for missing teeth. These perform better over time, as we screw them in place.

Tooth Whitening

Mostly used for aesthetic reasons, and when there are stains from beverages, this is a tooth bleaching process. It is one of the most popular tooth treatments in our dental clinic.

Fixed Teeth Crown and Bridges

If you are someone who is dealing with missing teeth, then we have a solution for you. Unlike dentures, which can fall out at any time, while speaking or chewing, fixed teeth is always better. 

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