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We are one of the leading dental clinics for over two and half decades. Right from our inception, Dr. Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic has shown remarkable growth and has established itself as one of the best dental clinics in Nashik. 

Trusted by over 2,00,000 Happy Patients

We are one of the leading dental clinics for over two and half decades. Right from our inception, Dr. Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic has shown remarkable growth and has established itself as one of the best dental clinics in Nashik. The growth chart is fabulous, to mention the least. We share a steady patient-centric approach, which has helped us to grow from a small dental clinic to a multi-specialty dental clinic, with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Dr. Pravin R Bonde is a professional, who started his career in dentistry in 1996, with B.D.S from Government Dental College, Mumbai [1996] and M.R.S.H from London. Then he went ahead to complete his post-graduation MS degree from Spain, Europe. However, that is not all. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Implant Surgery from France, followed by a Fellowship in Nobel Biocare, Sweden.

Dr. Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic is providing advanced dental services to each one of its patients, with the best materials and equipment available. The clinic is trusted by over 1,00,000 happy patients from pediatric to geriatric.

About Us

Dr. Pravin Bonde

Dr. Pravin Bonde is a meritorious student since school days passed out from prestigious and oldest dental institution in asia “GOVT. DENTAL COLLEGE, SAINT GEORGES HOSPITAL MUMBAI” with very good marks.

Recipient of the gold medal and COLGATE merit shield award. Stood 1st in the subject of Periodontology in a final professional exam inMumbai university.

2nd rank in endodontics and prosthetic dentistry.

Hon. Secretary of IDA Nashik for 2 yrs

President Of IDA Deolali for 2 yrs

An active member of Indian dental association.In practice since 1998 in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.Practice consists of general dentistry and special attention to cosmetic and implant dentistry.

After an overwhelming response in Panchavati area, he inspired to start his 2nd venture at HPT college Road, Opp. cinemax and big bazaar in 2001. Due to his clinical knowledge and skills, patients visit him and return with satisfied, beautiful smile.

Mrs. Pallavi Bonde, wife of Dr. Pravin is a professor of mathematics in junior college AND also manages both clinics. Dr.Pravin and Pallavi is blessed with 22 yrs  Daughter Disha who is doing MBBS……..  and 19 yrs son ‘Vedant’ who is doing BDS …..

Mrs. Meena Gawande, Mrs. Nandini Gore,Mrs Sonali Mahajan, Mr.Vinod Patil  and Mr Yogesh More are extensively trained by Dr. Bonde. They help him to assist which doing work on patients.


Advanced Solutions, Expert Collaboration: Dr. Bonde & Consultant Dentists

Dr. Shubhangi Shinde

Dr. Shubhangi Shinde


Passed out from MGV, KBH Dental College Nashik Working since few years

Dr. Shreya Poojari

Dr. Shreya Poojari


Passed out from SMBT dental college Sangamner, working with us since few years

Dr. Rutuja Santan

Dr. Rutuja Santan

MDS 1st yr.

Passed out from Sinhgad Dental College Pune Pursuing Masters in Oral Medicine And Radiology, MGV dental college Nashik


Following consultant doctors are visiting our clinic:

Dr. Apurva Chitalia

Dr. Apurva Chitalia

MDS, Orthodontist

Dr. Nilesh Soni

Dr. Nilesh Soni

MDS, Oral Surgeon

Dr. Anuj Dadhich

Dr. Anuj Dadhich

MDS, Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

A passionate & enthusiastic surgeon with clinical experience of more than 13 years.

Dr. Amit Agrawal

Dr. Amit Agrawal

MDS, Periodontist

Dr. Rutuj Jadhav

Dr. Rutuj Jadhav

MDS, Pediatric Dentist

More Information

Working  as Associate Professor in SMBT dental College, 10 years of experience in Academics and Clinical Practice and Specialise in
1. Preventive and interceptive Dental procedure
2. Minor orthodontics movements
3. Minor Oral surgical Procedures
4. Conscious sedation and General Anesthesia
5. Oral health Care Special Child

Dr Amit Nehete

Dr Amit Nehete

MDS, Consultant Orthodontist

Importance of

If you lose teeth for any reason whatsoever, it goes unnoticed. Most people do not pay attention to such issues, treating them as a part of life. However, this impacts one’s chewing capabilities. The saliva does not mix well with the food, which in turn hampers digestion. This causes several types of hormonal imbalances as well, which can further lead to many deficiencies and illnesses. Dental problems are also linked to diabetes and heart issues.

Dental care is one of the main components of healthcare. It includes physical examination of the teeth, taking X-rays, cleaning and polishing the teeth, providing treatment for infected teeth. It is a science and also an art for preventive healthcare, enhancement, maintenance, and reconstruction of teeth. Oral care is not just important for the aesthetic value, but for overall health as well. Bad oral health can lead to different diseases in the human body. However, proper treatment, both preventive and curative can lead to better solutions in the short-term as well as the long-term.

What We Do

At first, we listen patiently to your concerns. Thereafter, we give you a treatment plan. We have all kinds of dental facilities under one roof.

We offer specialized dental services like:

General Dental Treatment :

We take care of general treatment and maintenance services like scaling, polishing, and fillings. Our general dental services also include dental extractions and minor gum corrections.

Dental Implants :

We are specialists in dental implants, which are artificial structures that we insert into the jawbone. These implants are used for both aesthetic value and health reasons. The space left by missing teeth can cause obstructions in the pathway of the other teeth, if not treated in time. We are one of the best in providing dental implants to patients of all age groups and backgrounds. We can perform immediate implant placements within 72 hours, depending upon the patient’s health parameters.

Orthodontic Treatment :

Orthodontic treatment mainly aims to improve the physical, visible appearance of the teeth. Moreover, it also enhances the chewing function and protects the teeth from decay. We use a huge range of medical devices for the purpose, ranging from aligners, plates, braces, head gear, and elastic bands to name a few.

Root Canal Treatment :

It is one of the most popular dental treatments that addresses the infections in the tooth pulp, which is the innermost layer of the teeth. We have helped many patients save their badly damaged teeth, through this world-class and safe treatment.

However, that is not all. There are more dental services in store for you, which you can browse in the services page.

We used the latest and most advanced dental technology to treat you. The technologies used at our clinic are:


Intra-oral camera

Rotary Machines for root canal treatment

Implant Placement Kits of Neodent, Osteem Implants, Adin Implants, Pivot Implants,Basal implants And Compressive Implants

Titanium Welder Machine for Dental Implants

P5 Booster Satelac Scaling Machine

Physiodispenser For Implants

Apex Locator Machines for root canal treatment

These are just a few of the examples of the kind of facilities we have at our clinic.

Features &

Why Choose us


Patient-Centric Treatment –

This is the first reason, why you should choose us. We help you in achieving both short-term and long-term health and smile goals.


World-Class Cosmetic Dentistry –

We can make your smile more aesthetic, than you ever imagined. It imparts a lot of confidence and makes you succeed both in your career and personal life.


Modern Innovations –

We use modern tools and technology, which reduce testing time and results. Moreover, we offer treatments with zero or minimal downtime.


Expert In Dental Implants –

We have experts who can provide you with painless and fuss-free tooth replacement services. Our turn-around-time is faster than others.


Friendly And Relaxed Environment –

We offer a great environment, where patient recuperation is fast. Our dentists and staff make you feel comfortable, from the moment you walk in, into our clinic, till you leave smiling.

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