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Many of us have gum problems ,but we are unkown about it as these gum problems are deceptive . We dont get any sort of pain in 95% of cases….some get mild pain which gets resolved at its own or by some medications……when our teeth becomes loose we consider it as age related……

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Gum treatment and surgery becomes necessary if you suffer from gum diseases. The gum is responsible for holding the teeth in place. If the gum itself becomes unstable, it can eventually lead to tooth loss. Additionally, bleeding from the gums and swelling makes one look unpleasant. At Dr Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic, we treat gum diseases with scientific technology and precision. Before, asking our patients to undergo any of the gum treatments or surgeries, we ensure to check the symptoms.

Who Should Go For Gum Treatment and Surgery?

You are a candidate for gum treatment and surgery, if you have the following symptoms.

If your gums bleed, when you brush your teeth or floss, you must consult our experts for a proper diagnosis.

If your teeth are loose, then you may require this intervention.

All those of you, who are suffering from mouth ulcers and sores, may need gum treatment.

Any kind of gum inflammation also calls for gum treatment.

If you are suffering from bad breath, due to infected gums, then you may need intervention.

Dental plaques and tartar on the teeth also call for such treatments.

If you are suffering from receding gums, then this is something that you must enquire about.

If general dentistry procedures like scaling and root planning do not work, the next step is surgery.

Reddish, shiny gums.....[ healthy gums are pale pink and not shiny ]

The main objective for all kinds of gum treatments and surgeries is the complete elimination of bacterial infections.

Gum Treatment and Surgery Procedure

At our clinics, we have a variety of gum treatment and surgical options, to help you flaunt healthy gums. They include:


Non-Surgical Treatments

Dental Scaling –

If you are suffering from moderate gum disease, then general dental cleaning may be sufficient to address your issue. In such cases, teeth scaling is done to remove all the plaque and tartar build-up.

Root Planning –

Our dental experts clean the roots to prevent future build-up of plaque and tartar/calculus and may also introduce antibiotics into the teeth pockets, to prevent bacterial attacks.

Surgical Treatments

Flap Surgery –

This is an excellent surgical method that stops the progression of gum diseases. It involves incisions on the gums and exicion of the damaged tissues, to check the roots and jawbone. We carry out such procedures under anaesthesia.

Crown Lengthening –

If you are going for dental crown placement, but the tooth height is not enough for their placement, you may have to opt for crown lengthening.

Gum Depigmentation –

If you have unsightly ,black gums, then this treatment may be for you.

Guided Bone Regeneration –

This procedure is aimed at increasing bone volume. We use it mostly in conjunction with dental implants. Many patients lack vertical or horizontal bone volume. We use this technique of GBR to provide space for new bone, through the use of barrier membranes.

Pocket Reduction Surgery –

If you are suffering from advanced gum disease, and do not respond well to scaling and root planning, this is for you. It addresses the underlying damaged tissues in the gums.

Mucogingival Surgery –

Also called periodontal plastic surgery, it address issues of gums tearing away from the root of the teeth and attaching itself to the cheek tissues. If not treated on time, such a condition can lead to excessive gum recession. If conventional methods are not successful, we suggest this option to our patients.

Frenectomy –

This is one of the best treatment options for adults and kids alike. It is done to remove the connective tissue that connects the upper or lower lips with the gums. Abnormalities in the frenum may cause speech issues and front teeth deformities.

Gingivectomy –

This treatment option involves the removal of infected gums and tissues. It can also be used to treat gummy smiles.


Gum treatment and surgery can help you with fresh breath.

It leaves our patients with a great smile.

You can keep tooth loss at a distance, through timely intervention.

You can get rid of potential health issues that stem from unhealthy gums.

If you undergo any of the above treatments, you can get rid of any sort of pain and inflammation that you may be suffering from.

Thus, Gum Treatment and Surgery is a great solution for Periodontal diseases, which may be hampering your health and confidence. Schedule a consultation with us today itself.

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