Fixed Teeth Crown and Bridges

If you are someone who is dealing with missing teeth, then we have a solution for you. Unlike dentures, which can fall out at any time, while speaking or chewing, fixed teeth is always better. And, when we fix crowns and bridges to the natural adjacent teeth, it stays long term. At our clinic, we suggest the best option that is suitable for our patients.

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Who Should Go For Fixed Teeth Crown and Bridges?

Before you start choosing any of the above, it is always good to know what to expect from the treatment. We use dental crown to cap a damaged or decaying tooth, or place the same on a dental implant. Dental implants are nothing but metal fixtures that we surgically insert into the jaw bone. The healing time after getting an implant, is around 3 to 4 months. Thereafter, we put an abutment on the implant, on which the crown is mounted.

On the other hand, we install bridges to replace missing teeth. In this case, there are two crowns at the ends of the missing arc and a bridge between them, which consists of replacement teeth. 

These are vital to maintain your oral health.

Fixed Teeth Crown and Bridges Procedure

We prepare the crown from one or a mixture of materials like metal alloy or gold alloy. Porcelain/ceramic or zirconium crowns closely match the original colour of your teeth, and are more popular. We generally take an impression of your bite, which is sent to the laboratory to create the crown.

For bridges, the exact mold for the bridge is required as well. we cover the missing teeth area, with temporary crowns and bridges if required.

Benefits Of Fixed Teeth Crown and Bridges

Crowns offer increased tooth functionality

They make your smile beautiful

They prevent further dental problems

They are long-lasting and easily maintained

Your bite force gets distributed evenly

Bridges are reliable and durable


For making bridges we have to reduce/cut or prepare adjacent teeth.Sometimes they require root canal treatments also.Instead, many times now a days we prefer Dental Implants.

Thus, Fixed Teeth Crown and Bridges is a long term solution to those who experience missing teeth or tooth loss. Schedule a consultation with us today itself.

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