Implant Dentistry

Fine rod of metal (Precious) planted in jaw bone which acts as a root of teeth. Dr. Pravin Bonde is extensively trained by Nobel Bio care, the world leader in implant dentistry. 

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Now, you can avail yourself of a permanent solution for missing teeth. And the best part is, that these look exactly like your natural teeth. Dental implants insertion involves the installation of screw like roots in the jawbone, and then covering it with a dental crown. You can opt for a single dental implant or a full mouth. You can choose this solution for missing teeth, as it lasts a lifetime if proper care is taken. We have both planned and immediate implant dentistry solutions at our clinic.

Who Should Go For Implant Dentistry?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for anyone who is missing a single or a few teeth, due to some kind of traumatic injury or infection. In this procedure, screws are fixed within the jaw bone.

If you do not want daily maintenance of dentures, then this is the best option available today.

However, there are certain symptoms and health parameters that we check to find out if this will suit you.

If you have missing teeth or a single tooth, and you do not want to go through the hassles of dentures, then you can go for dental implants. These will give you the look and feeling of natural teeth.

Dentures or temporary false teeth can be cumbersome, as they require daily cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, they can also pop out accidentally. If you want to live a carefree life, sporting natural looking teeth, then implant dentistry is the best option for you

If you have tooth infection and and tooth/teeth can not be saved by any means,then the teeth has to be extracted, you can go for implants.

Those of you, who have irritation in your gums, due to dentures can find comfort in dental implants.

If you are suffering from bone loss in your jaws, due to missing teeth, you can go for a permanent solution in the form of implant dentistry.

If you are unable to chew your food properly, due to missing teeth, dental implants are recommended.

Missing teeth can also give the appearance of sagging skin, which can make you look aged. When you get normal dentures, they do not allow the jaw tissue to regrow. This makes people look older than their true age. However, dental implants stimulate the jaw bone to grow and can give fullness to your face.

If you have severely damaged or broken teeth, chewing will be cumbersome. Moreover, such teeth pose the risk of oral diseases. Thus, dental implants can assist you.

However, you also need to meet certain health parameters, like having healthy gums and oral tissues, proper bone availability in the jaw for fixation, and must be ready for regular, planned oral check-ups.

Implant Dentistry Procedure

As one of the top dental clinics in Nashik, we ensure to facilitate the process with care and under medical supervision.

The procedure involves the insertion of a screw-like structure into the jaw bone.

You have to give few months for healing, before you can get the abutment and the crown placed.

When the screw is properly fixed and aligns with the jaw bone, the abutment is placed on it, and thereafter the crown.

Benefits Of Implant Dentistry

Prevention of bone loss is one of the primary reasons, why we suggest our patients to opt for this treatment. When you opt for removable denture, you lose bone contineously as denture rests on gums ........After some years you lose maximum bone and only basal bone remains

You are full of confidence as they resembles natural teeth.

The look is natural.

You regain your bite force.

The new set of teeth supports your facial structure.

Your natural speech gets restored.

These are easy to care for.

You do not have to go through slippage issues, like with dentures.

It supports the adjacent teeth.

Thus, Implant Dentistry is a permanent solution to tooth loss. Schedule a consultation with us today itself.

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