Light Cure Filling

Aesthetic light cure fillings have brought a revolution in the dental care segment. These fillings are known to impart a natural look to your teeth. Also called composite fillings, these match the tooth colour in the most perfect manner. We most often use this treatment option for decayed areas. At Dr. Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic, we ensure to maintain the highest standards, when we suggest any treatment to our patients. Moreover, we explain the reason for choosing a certain treatment, as against another, or in conjunction with another.

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Who Should Go For Light Cure Filling?

Firstly, you should know that the main purpose of using these fillings is to fill cavities, repair broken or impacted teeth, or other teeth anomalies which can be seen externally. Our dental experts remove the decayed and damaged part of the teeth and fill the same with tooth coloured composite resin material.

You are a candidate for this treatment, if:

If your teeth has changed colour due to some reason.

If the teeth have cavities and caries/decay

You can also opt for this treatment, if you have space between your teeth.

Light Cure Filling Procedure

These fillings are made up of composite resin.  Earlier, this filling was used in the front teeth, but slowly dental experts have started utilizing the same for the back teeth as well. After the filling is done, we use halogen and LED etc., to cure the resin-fillings with visible blue spectrum.

We use blue spectrum light at various wavelengths between 400 nm and 3000 nm.

After we clear the decay inside the tooth, the fillings are placed there. The fillings are made up of monomers. When we expose them to the blue light, the monomers stick to one another, to form a polymer.

These are lights are completely safe for our patients.

Benefits of Light Cure Filling

This is a restorative system, through which we are able to retain the structure of the tooth, while enhancing its functionality and looks. Let us look at the benefits.

This treatment allows us to prevent further damage or decay of the teeth.

It also helps in alleviating tooth ache, due to cavities or excessive sensitivity.

This is a quick process that is minimally invasive as well.

You can get both the back and front teeth repaired through this treatment.

You can choose from a variety of filling material, for this treatment.

The composite resin used is tooth-coloured, so no one will be able to understand that you underwent some dental treatment.

These have good longevity, if you take proper care of the teeth.

This is one of the most cost-effective treatments for damaged or fractured teeth.

The downtime is minimal and you can resume work as soon as the treatment is over.

Thus, Light Cure Filling is a permanent solution to repair teeth that have been damaged due to cavities, accidents, or normal wear and tear. Schedule a consultation with us today itself, for the above.

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