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The field of dentistry is evolving each day. And, Dr. Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic is always ahead of the dental market in the city. We are adept at providing dental treatments to our patients in minimal time, but with long-lasting effects. We can also offer virtual consultations to patients, across the globe.


We use modern and technologically advanced equipment to diagnose and treat dental ailments. Some of them are as mentioned underneath.

Radio-visiography (RVG)

We use this high-end technology, which involves digital radiographic imaging technique, for capturing high-quality X-rays of the patient’s dental structures.

Intra-oral camera

This is an important tool that we use in our clinic. It is a lightweight camera, which helps in diagnosing dental issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Rotary Machines for root canal treatment (Xsmart)

These are electrically powered tools, used in root canal therapy. We remove infected pulp tissue and shape the canal walls, through this procedure.

Implant Placement

Implant Placement Kits of Neodent, Osteem Implants, Adin Implants, Pivot Implants, Basal and Compressive Implants

Titanium Welder Machine for Dental Implants

We use such intra-oral welding to stabilize dental implants.

P5 Booster Satelac Scaling Machine –

This is an efficient scaling device, which is used to remove deposits from the teeth.

Physiodispenser For Implants

This is one of the key tools, which we use in dental bone surgery. It is a controlled mechanism which prevents any sort of swelling.

Apex Locator Machines for root canal treatment

This helps us determine the root canal space in endodontics.


Sterilization in the arena of dentistry is extremely crucial. The procedures followed underneath it, kill, deactivates, and removes all possible forms of pathogens. This is very important and an irreplaceable part of dentistry, as the instruments used come into contact with saliva, blood, and several other types of biological fluids. This helps us in averting possible viral and bacterial infections.

Here are the sterilization procedures that we follow.

Steam Autoclave

This is the most common sterilization equipment which you will see in dental clinics. The pressurized steam used in autoclaves can kill most germs including bacteria.

Ultrasonic Bath

This utilizes high frequency sound waves that are transmitted through a liquid medium. These sound waves create a unique activity called cavitation. These are used to reprocess dental instruments, like mirrors, probes, and scaling tools.

Water Distillation Plant

This is another essential device used in dental clinics. The device is used to generate the purest form of water. The use of this water helps in increasing the longevity of the dental machinery, as it is completely demineralized.

Chemical Sterilization

This is a common method of sterilization in medical settings, in which reusable instruments are sterilized using various chemicals. The instruments are placed in a chemical solution to achieve chemical sterilization.

Ultraviolet chamber

These UV chambers are built for efficient sterilization of dental instruments and storage

We ensure to use the best processes to sterilize all the dental equipment, depending on the requirement. The use of the above processes, gives an extra assurance to the patients, who know that their oral healthcare is in safe hands.

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