Dental Extraction

In simpler terms, dental extraction is called tooth removal. It is one of the most common treatment modalities that we do. Dental extraction is the procedure through which a tooth or teeth are removed. It is mostly an outpatient procedure, under local or general anaesthesia. The removal of the teeth that you can see above the gums, is a very simple procedure. If the teeth below the surface is broken or has cracks, the procedure to remove the same is more advanced. Both of which are done at our clinic.

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Who Should Go For Dental Extraction?

There are certain situations, when tooth extraction becomes the only way out. It is something that we resort to, as a final solution. You can have your tooth extracted under the following circumstances.

If you have severely decayed tooth, then you have to get it removed.

If the tooth is fractured, it is best to get it removed.

In case, you have faced an accident, as a result of which your tooth or teeth have been impacted, then you must go for dental extraction. It lowers the risk of infection.

If you are suffering from severe gum disease, then you must go for dental extraction.

If your teeth are crooked, or there is over-crowding, you may need to get one or a few teeth removed. If you are undergoing a orthodontic treatment, this may be necessary.

At Dr Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional treatment for impacted tooth. We thoroughly examine the area, before suggesting a dental extraction.

Dental Extraction Procedure

Our dental experts determine whether you are a candidate for dental extraction, at first. We conform, if the tooth to be extracted has a solid foundation below, in order to facilitate grasping. Your health history will also go through scrutiny, and thereafter we will go ahead with the extraction.

We administer local or general anaesthesia, to ensure that the procedure moves ahead as desired.

In the next step, we release the periodontal ligament fibres located within the bone socket, so as to make the extraction easy.

We use an elevator to loosen the tooth further.

Our dental experts grasp the loose tooth with forceps and pull out the same from the bony socket.

After the procedure has been successfully completed, we suggest ridge preservation.

Our experts will give post-operative instructions, so as to minimize the risk of bleeding and pain. You can also discuss about your concerns at this time, with our expert.


If your tooth is infected, dental extraction helps to eliminate the source of infection. Additionally, it also eliminates the pain and swelling associated with it.

It will help in the proper alignment of your other teeth, for aesthetic as well as functional reasons

You can flaunt a beautiful smile, thereafter.

Thus, Dental Extraction is a great solution for damaged tooth or misaligned tooth, which may be hampering your health and beauty. Schedule a consultation with us today itself for extraction.

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