Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a dental procedure in which the teeth is straightened or moved. It helps in improving the appearance of the teeth along with their functioning. Moreover, this treatment also facilitates long-term health of your teeth, gums, and the jaws. It also helps in distributing bite pressure. At Dr Pravin Bonde’s Dental Clinic, we ensure to suggest the right approach for this treatment, which can be done with both temporary as well as permanent structures. However, it is also mandatory to study the health profile and needs of the patient.

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Who Should Go For Orthodontic Treatment?

You will come across people who have crooked or overlapped teeth. Some of you may even have gaps in your teeth. Orthodontic treatment will help to straighten the teeth or move them to a better position.

If you have unsightly upper front teeth, then you are a candidate for this treatment.

When the teeth in the upper jaw and the ones in the lower jaw do not meet properly. Then there will be bite force issues. So, you can go for Orthodontics.

In another scenario, the lower teeth may also protrude further than the upper ones. So, this also qualifies you for an Orthodontic treatment.

If your teeth are rotated or crowded, then you can go for this treatment.

If you had some trauma and have impacted teeth, then also you can go for Orthodontics.

However, this is not all. Your gum condition and oral condition YOUR FACIAL PROFILE FROM FRONT AND BOTH SIDES in general will also be considered by our experts.

If you have gum disease or extensive decay in your teeth, you cannot get this treatment option.

If you have cavities, then our dental experts will first suggest you to get those filled, before you can go for Orthodontics.


Those who have crooked or misaligned teeth are often very conscious about their looks. This can also create dental hygiene issues, which can further aggravate the problems related to decay, and gum disease, amongst others. Most adults are also not quite eager to wear braces, as they might look unsightly.

However, there is much to celebrate in the realm of dentistry. Clear aligners are in trend today and are near invisible. When you wear them, they apply a little pressure on your teeth, and gradually your teeth are repositioned. If you have very mild to intermediate level issues, aligners can be your answer to the problem. Clear aligners are made from plastic and are transparent in nature. We customize them to fit over your dental structure, and our experts will suggest you to wear them for a certain period of time, every day.

Aligners can provide solution for gaps in between teeth, cramped teeth, underbite, overbite, crooked teeth, and crossbite. At times, we also suggest our patients to use aligners along with orthodontic elastics, to correct mild or moderate bite issues.

Orthodontic Treatment Procedure

Our dental experts determine whether you are a candidate for dental extraction, at first. We conform, if the tooth to be extracted has a solid foundation below, in order to facilitate grasping. Your health history will also go through scrutiny, and thereafter we will go ahead with the extraction.

Braces are the most popular mode of Orthodontic treatment. They help in shifting the position of the teeth, slowly. The appliance often consists of bands, brackets, and wires. We have metal as well as ceramic braces. Fixed space maintainers are often used to hold the space, where a missing teeth was present. It helps in the movement of the adjoining teeth, before some treatment plan can be suggested.

Aligners are also quite popular in the field of dentistry today. These do not utilize brackets and wires in the treatment. Moreover, these are most often custom made.

Fixed Space Maintainers can be either made from plastic or metal. These are often used in children, to maintain the gap between teeth, till the permanent teeth comes up. You can go for band-and-loop or wire loop.

Palate Expanders are oral devices that are used to expand a narrow upper jaw. If you have a cross bite or have overcrowded teeth, then you can go for this option.

Lip and Cheek Bumpers are wires that are partially coated in plastic, and are mainly used in the front lower teeth. It helps in removing lip and cheek pressure from the teeth. It works by widening the arch of the lower jaw.

Head Gear is another orthodontic device that we use to correct bite and also support proper jaw alignment and growth.

Our dental experts will discuss all possible treatment options, beforehand. Your choice and health parameters, both matters.


This treatment will ensure that you have better teeth and jaw function.

You can support a great facial structure.

You can also maintain a good bite for easier chewing and speech.

It can help teeth cleaning easier and thus prevent decay.

Your self confidence also increases manifold.

Thus, Orthodontic Treatment is a great solution for crooked, overcrowded, or misaligned teeth, which may be hampering your bite force and aesthetics. Schedule a consultation with us today itself for diagnosis.

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