1- Apex Locator :- “Propex” is a france made apex locator from Dentsply company which is very populer worldwide among the dentists. It is used in root canal treatments for judging apical length of roots (situated in the bone).Thus it increases accuracy and success of endodontic Treatment. teq_1 2- X Smart :- France made digital micro-motor used for rotary endodontics (Root canal treatment).It has many modes such as Torque control,RPM adjustment,autoreverse,Programmes,Memory.It is attached to special rotary endodontic handpiece.Root canal treatment is now done very fast with this machine teq_2 3- Protaper :- Nickel titanium rotary files specially designed for hard,calcified,curved canals (root canal treatment) teq_3teq_4 4- Nobel Biocare implant kit :- State of art implant surgical kit which contains instruments required for putting implant in jaw bone. teq_5 5-Satelec P5 Booster :- State of art pizzo electric scaler for efficient removal of tartar,stains,plaque.It is gentle,quick, painless and comfortable. teq_6 6-Intra-Oral camera :- To capture intra-oral pictures.It’s benifit is that tooth looks 100 times larger than the orignal on computer screen. It has its own software for storing and editing the images. <teq_7 7-Light curing units :- Light curing units from Hareus Kulzer and dentsply for curing composite resin (tooth coloured fillings) It is also used to bond veneer to the tooth surface 8-Dental Softwares:- used for proper patient management and patient education.