General Dentistry
D- Crowns(caps) :- In natural teeth, part of tooth above gumline is called as Crown. When tooth crown becomes attrited(wear), unattractive, damaged or treated with root canal, it is protected with “Replacement crown”.Types :
cobalt/ Nickel chrome cobait Poecelain fused to metal Poecelain
metalfree Metal free porcelain(Zirconia, Alumina) crown are very popular as it has strength and high natural cosmetically pleasing appearance.
E- Bridges:- It replaces missing tooth or teeth by support of neighbouring teeth. It closes the gaps created by missing teeth just like bridge on a river. Bridges can be made by above types of material(Just as for “crowns”).
Poecelain genaral_4
F- Splinting:- It is the treatment by which mobile teeth are stabilised with special type of material. Thin band of material placed continueously on the back side of tooth to hold them together. genaral_5 G- Pit and fissure sealants:- When natural tooth enters(grows) in the oral cavity it has several grooves on it’s surface. In 95% population these grooves are so deep that it can’t be cleaned with normal brushing. These grooves usually have entrappment of food in which bacteria grows to form the decay/ caries.
Before genaral_6 After genaral_7
It is necessory in all growing children to get these grooves filled with pit and fissure sealants for maintaining health of tooth for longer period of time. H- Minor Oral Surgeries:-
  1. Flap surgery with bone augmentation – When because of advanced gum disease tooth loose its bone and gets infected with pus(Periodontitis),small surgery is performed by opening gums with surgery, cleaning and shaping the bone, cleaning the tarter and putting artificial bone for strengthing the roots. Gum held with sutures which are removed after 7/ 8 days.
  2. Apicectomy – sometimes infected tooth has “Cyst” at its apices in the bone. It is removed with this procedure.
  3. Disimpaction – When tooth gets impacted, it can not grow or partially grow above the bone, it gets infected because of less access to clean it.Many times it is removed by above mantioned surgical procedure.

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