Dental implants

Dental Implant Service In Nashik

Fine rod of metal (Precious) planted in jaw bone which acts as a root of teeth. Dr. Pravin Bonde is extensively trained by Nobel Bio care, the world leader in implant dentistry. Nobel Bio care has a wide range of implants in every situation and indication. For implants, titanium is a metal of choice. It is exceptionally well tolerated in the human body. It is durable as good as natural teeth. Dental Implant Service  In NashikDental Implant Doctor In NashikDental Implant Clinic In Nashik


To live a longer life, after missing many or all natural teeth, now there is a very good form of dental replacement which may last for the rest of your life. No need to change it or will not become loose like removable dentures. We can eat just like natural teeth. Implantologist in Nashik