Cosmetic Dentistry
D- Malaligned and crowded teeth :- When teeth are overlapped, protruded, retruded, crooked, malaligned or crowded, it looks very bad as it affects the personality of an individual.It can be corrected by many ways such as veneers, crowns, bridges etc. E- Spaces/ diastema :- Spaces can be closed with the help of cosmetic dentistry within few hours or days.By using braces and wires(orthodontic treatment) it would take months or years to complete the treatment.
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G- Gummy smile :- Gums can make or break your smile. When teeth are covered with gums or gums are enlarged, it looks small. H- Stained teeth(Internal) :- Staining of teeth may be because of many factors such as
  1. Tetracycline consumption by mother when she is pregnant, child gets staining
  2. enamel hypoplasia
  3. Necrosed/ dead teeth
  4. Heridetory
J- Tooth jwellery :- Small shining and attractive diamond / stone are bonded to teeth. K- Dipigmentation of gums :- In this black colour of gums is changed to natural pink.
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