Sterilization is the procedure of killing all the living micro-organisms and other harmful bacteria which includes spore (reproductive bodies) of the hardiest bacteria and fungi. It is regularly done as it prevents the growth of bacteria. 


Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic bath is the powerful and effective way to remove the debris from dental restoration and dental instruments.


Autoclave is also know as Dental Sterilizers is used to complete sterilize instruments and equipments. It is most effective and trusted way for complete sterilization.

Water distillation plant

Water distillation is to get 100% boil, sterilized, pure, clean, and safe water that ensure patient safety.

Chemical Sterilisation

Chemical Sterilization is the process done additionally for sterilization which contains chemicals instead of water that produces vapor.

Ultravilot chamber

Ultraviolet chamber is the effective one to avoid contamination of instrumets after sterilization or autoclaved. It has antibacterial properties.